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      Dayforce Integration Case Study: Connecting Payroll to MS Dynamics 365

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      Ceridian Dayforce Integration Case Study: Connecting Payroll to Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Financial services firm gains experience, efficiency, and expertise.

      Ceridian Dayforce Integration Case Study: Connecting Payroll to Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Financial services firm gains experience, efficiency, and expertise.

      Case Study: Providence Helps Client Achieve Goals with On-time Go-Live

      Executive Summary:

      A financial services firm sought a new finance system as the company grew larger and more complex.

      The firm eventually decided to manage its finances with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It also chose to move to Ceridian Dayforce Managed Services instead of handling payroll itself with just its internal systems.

      Leaders expected to receive the following benefits through a Ceridian Dayforce integration with Dynamics 365.

      • Smooth data flow between payroll, finance, and HR systems
      • Improved payroll experience for HR team and employees
      • Access to Ceridian’s payroll expertise

      Providence Technology Solutions assisted the financial services firm in implementing Ceridian Dayforce Payroll and integrating it with Dynamics 365.



      A privately-held financial and wealth management services firm with more than 400 employees.

      Challenges and Objectives:

      The financial services firm was running its payroll through its Human Resource Management System. But it needed a finance system as the business grew. The firm chose Dynamics 365 Finance, which helps companies maximize financial visibility and profitability.

      The firm also decided to switch its payroll system to Ceridian Dayforce Payroll because it integrated with Dynamics 365. The Ceridian Dayforce Integration with Dynamics 365 offered benefits such as full financial reporting of detailed payroll data.

      Leaders wanted to leverage Ceridian as a managed services platform to ensure that payroll was processed properly. Ultimately, the firm wanted seamless integration between its HR, Finance, and Payroll systems.

      To accomplish its objectives, the firm would have to move its data from its previous payroll system into Ceridian Payroll. It also had to connect Ceridian Payroll to Dynamics 365 Finance and to connect both of those systems with its HR system. So instead of a single system to run HR and payroll, the firm would have three systems after completing its integration: HR, Payroll, and Finance.

      The firm wanted to implement its Ceridian Payroll and Dynamics 365 systems before Jan. 1, 2020, so that it could run them together for a full financial year. The implementation timeline was compressed into the last few months of 2019.

      The integration would require support from across the organization. The firm also hired Providence Technology Solutions to assist because of its experience in Ceridian implementations and integrations.


      How Providence Helped:

      The implementation team from Providence helped the financial services firm meet its go-live deadline, often by working the same long hours as the internal resources. “He rolled up his sleeves and really inserted himself in ways that helped support us when we were navigating the implementation process, “ a vice president at the firm said of Providence’s project manager, for example.

      Providence helped migrate data, explained implementation processes, and resolved conflicts between the Ceridian Payroll and Dynamics 365 systems. Its thorough knowledge of the firm’s new payroll system sped the implementation.

       “I had no idea that he didn’t work for Ceridian itself,” a senior vice president at the firm said of Providence’s project manager. “He was a true partner.”


      Meeting the Jan. 1 deadline let the financial services firm start 2020 with clean data as desired. The firm then gradually improved the payroll experience for its HR team and employees by phasing in changes. Prioritizing the accuracy of data in integrating between Ceridian Payroll and Dynamics 365 helped it avoid mistakes when it unlocked features and functionality later.

      Providence helped the firm create the seamless integration between its HR, Finance, and Payroll systems that it wanted.

      Future Plans:

      As of April 2020, the financial services firm planned to introduce improvements that would further help its HR team and employees. For example, the firm was going to offer easier ways to update payroll information like direct-deposit agreements and to open a call center to field questions and resolve problems.

      Looking ahead, it expected the ongoing implementation and integration of Ceridian Payroll and Dynamics 365 to continue to improve experiences and increase efficiencies across the organization.


      Providence Technology Solutions is a certified Gold partner and provider of Ceridian Dayforce integration and implementation services.


      Contact us online, by email at or by calling 904.719.8264 if you would like to learn more about our work with the financial services firm that is described in this case study and to discuss how we could similarly help your organization through our HCM Implementation Services.

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