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      ERP Digital Transformation Spotlight Webinar

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      The ERP Digital Transformation Spotlight Webinar Recording

      Learn first-hand experience of the reasons why, the how, the people & resources, the partners, and more during this ERP Digital Transformation Spotlight webinar recording.  To watch, click here

      Hosted by Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick, Vice President of IT Enterprise Applications and Tom Nolan, Vice President. 

      Email questions related to the webinar to or call 904.337.6343.

      The ERP Digital Transformation Spotlight Webinar

      Topic: ERP Digital Transformation

      1. ERP Transformation
      2. Leading a digital transformation
      3. Lessons learned from a digital transformation
      4. Bridging the gap between HR and IT
      5. HR Partnering with IT
      6. What makes a good partner
      7. Finding a great partner
      ERP Digital Transformation Audience:
      • HR Leaders (CHRO, VP HR, HR Directors)
      ERP Digital Transformation Presentation:
      • Intro
      • Why/Reasons
      1. Transforming legacy back-office system(s) to common platform (cloud)
      2. Minimizing Technology Footprint while minimizing cost
      3. Sun setting legacy systems
      4. Pitfalls and Lessons Learned
        • How
          1. Executive buy-in
          2. Establishing Governance & Methodology
          3. Business ownership
            • Partnering and bridging the gap between HR, IT, and technology
          4. Change Management
        • Resources
          • People – Right sizing your IT team
            • Allocation of project resources
            • Turn-over
            • Existing steady state resources
            • Industry experts
            • Cross-training (culture)
          • From Practitioner to Leadership and leading a digital transformation
        • Partner
          • What makes a good partner
          • Finding a great partner
        • Conclusion
      About Melissa

      Recognized for her boldness and passion for living life filled with meaning and balance, Melissa has been involved in community work for most of her life and has a heart to see young women walk in the fullness of their God-Given power. She is a respected public speaker, is recognized for mentoring women and girls from all walks of life, and for developing leaders and emerging talent. When she's not out trying to foster change in the world, she begins her days with meditation and coffee and ends them chasing her six-year-old superhero around the house.

      Melissa has been married to Jerald Hardwick for 12 years, has a six-year old son Jackson, and she is the youngest of 12 siblings. 

      As a graduate of Jacksonville University, Melissa earned an Executive MBA and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

      With over twenty years of experience in Computer Applications, Training, Continuous Improvement, and Change Management, Melissa has demonstrated expertise leading, organizing, and managing large scale process improvement initiatives. Skilled in all phases of design, development, and implementation of Oracle applications. She has worked for clients within the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, aerospace, and services industries as well as the U.S. Federal Government. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a strong focus on building and maintaining relationships. She also has management, functional human resources, planning, and technical application development experience.

      Melissa is a native of South Florida and relocated to Jacksonville, FL in 2000, for a career move.  She is currently Vice President, IT Enterprise Applications for Acosta Sales and Marketing in Jacksonville, FL. after serving as Director of Business Transformation at JEA for 10 years. Prior to, she spent an extensive amount of time travelling as a Business Consultant for major firms and served four years as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army.

      She and her husband also own a Hair Salon and small Electrical Contractor company.

      Contact us today to discuss your benefits technology needs online, by email at or by calling 904.719.8264.

      Topic: Staff Augmentation,Digital Transformation,ERP

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